Related Services

De Nieuwe Omroep is a brand that is synonymous with reliability and dependability. We are a courier service provider that aims to give you the best service possible, and even more. Whether you are on your Amsterdam city trip or just wondering what to do in Amsterdam, we are here to deliver your products safely and on time.

We continue to evolve as a brand and as a company. We always want to give top quality products and services to our clients. Listed below are some of our other services available.


We started to build a website for our courier service. Through the years, we were able to expand our services because of your trust in us as your delivery provider. Now, we have 10 warehouses all over the country. We house a lot of inventory for all the thousands of products that we send to our customers every day. You can take advantage of our warehouses by putting your excess products and items in our warehouses.

The limitation of space can hinder you from growing your business. Acquisition of raw materials can take longer and stocking will be up to only less than the number that you require. Instead of losing revenue because of elapsed time due to the non-existence of warehouses, you can use the space in our warehouses and get only the products and materials that you need. You will save time and money if you use this service.

Animal transportation

Do you care about the welfare of your pets during travel? Why not transport them using our service? We are an accredited animal transport provider that can handle the delicate travel of your pets from point to point.

Birds, reptiles, dogs, cats, and other mammals are some of the pets and animals that we take care of and deliver to their destination every day. You can rely on us to give them a suitable environment that they need so that they can comfortably travel to their new surroundings.