Ways of Tracking Your Package

Different courier service companies use different ways to track the packages that you or others sent. The source of the item may be from cheap Amsterdam hotels and you are asking it to be delivered to your office in Hague. No matter how far the destination is from its starting point, the client must be able to track the package up until the customer receives the item.

What are the ways in which courier companies let their customers track their package?

Type of courier transport

You have to understand that courier companies use different modes of transport to deliver your packages. It can be through a ship, airplane, or a truck. Most of the time, if the area is just 200 miles or less from the sender, courier companies only use a truck to send your packages. Always take note of the kind of transport that they use. Usually, a truck delivery is faster than an airline or ship. Most truck deliveries also often come with voucher codes so that you can save more as you use their service more.

Bar code system

The general tracking method used by most courier companies is through the barcode system. If you look at products in groceries and supermarkets, you can see the bar codes at the back of the packaging of each product.The bar code system is being used by some couriers because of its convenience. However, for large courier companies, bar code system might not work with the premium link generator no limit. This system will require millions of bar code pattern. It works though for smaller courier services. Courier service providers use the same format with the tracking. The items going out of their warehouses are stamped with bar codes so that they will have a record of the details of the item as well as its location. Through a complex system of inventory management, you can use a mobile app provided by the company to monitor your item. Sometimes, the service provider sends you an email or text message with information about the transit of the package.


RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is another tagging system that is used by some courier service providers to record and monitor the location of the customers’ package. It is much like a barcode. RFID is not yet common in goedkope hotels amsterdam ziggo dome because it requires couriers to invest in high-end technologies. But it is slowly replacing the tracking numbers. There will be a point wherein all of the packages will have RFID. It’s way more accurate and secured than tracking numbers. The main difference is that RFID can scan a number of items at once while bar codes need to be passed to a bar code reading device one at a time.